Retro 11: Stylish on the Court, Street and on Display

Air Jordan Retro 11 Concords Shoes 5

Air Jordan Retro 11 Concords Shoes

When you hear “Retro 11” thoughts of precision, excellence, prestige and innovation should flood your mind’s sensory perception.

Why Retro 11 Shoes are Awesome

A stunning pair of Retro 11 in white, black and concord color-way

Air Jordan Retro 11 Concords Shoes 1

Air Jordan Retro 11 Concords Shoes 1

When it comes to sneakers nothing really comes close to the Air Jordan X1 retro, these are the shoes that you wanted when you saw Jordan wearing them in 1996 and in Space Jam. When sneaker fans go to sleep and dream 90% of them are probably dreaming about owning them, another 5% probably own them and the last 5% probably are dreaming about how to steal a pair. With all jokes aside these really are an excellent pair of sneakers one of—if not—the best sneakers that have ever touched the hardwood. Michael Jordan wore these shoes in behest of Nike and the NBA. Nike didn’t want him to wear them because they did not have the facilities to mass produce the shoe once it got popular. The NBA didn’t want Jordan wearing the shoes because it would be in violation of the dress code and color-way rules, Jordan was subsequently fined $5S, 000 when he wore the shoes. These shoes mated the best in shoe design and performance with the best athlete in the game at the time. It is quite something when you can basically own an Excalibur without being King Arthur. 

The Technology behind the Retro 11

Air Jordan Retro 11 Concords Shoes 3

Air Jordan Retro 11 Concords Shoes 3

There is a reason why you can play harder when you slip into a pair of Air Jordan Retro XI’s. When Tinker Hatfield designed these Shoes in 1995 they were at the cutting edge of basketball sneaker design. With a Condura nylon upper inspired by hiking equipment the Retro XI Jordan’s were incredibly light. The middle of the shoe used patent leather since it was lighter. The whole design was aimed at the principle of an incredibly light shoe. But this does not mean that Hatfield sacrificed a lot of rigidity when he was weight cutting. To keep everything light as a feather and as rigid as steel, carbon fiber plates were integrated into the outsole. The clear outsoles expose the beautiful lattice of the incredibly strong material.

The Fashionable Retro 11: Why You Want a Pair

Air Jordan Retro 11 Concords Shoes 2

Air Jordan Retro 11 Concords

One of the Real reasons you want a pair of Air Jordan XI’s is because of how they look. They are probably the classiest and most elegant basketball sneakers on the market. Many people often wore these shoes as dress shoes due to the shiny black patent leather mid and toe box (and honestly for the price you’d probably want to wear them to work or even your wedding). Whereas most basketball shoes are designed with loud colors, neon designs and outlandish shapes; the Jordan 11’s seem to capture an elegance rarely seen in sneakers. You would not only play better with these sneakers on, you would look absolutely stunning with these while running down the court.

The Retro 11 is the perfect balance between performance and style, much in the same way a Ferrari is in super cars; a perfect meld of aesthetics and functionary.